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ARCT will be taking a Hiatus.  This Hiatus will be indefinite and the ARCT Editors are not yet able to determine when the next issue of ARCT will be released.

At this time ARCT editors will not be reading submissions.  If you  have submitted fiction to ARCT and have yet to hear from the editors regarding your piece, consider the piece free from ARCT’s  ‘no simultaneous’ submission policy.  All pieces still in ARCT possession will not be read as it’s editors cannot at this time guarantee that they will be published.

All fiction purchased by ARCT but having as yet to see publication should, at this time, be considered the property of their creators, all rights reverting to the respective pieces authors.

ARCT Editorial Staff.




Issue #2 of ARCT will be released October 10th!

Be sure to check the ARCT site for updates.

ARCT Update


A few things have changed here at ARCT.

ARCT will now accept ad requests.  This doesn’t mean that ARCT will accept anything from just anyone.  In fact this ad space is limited to authors, artists, and other creatively inspired businesses and endeavors.  Please see the Ad Space section on how to contact ARCT regarding this.

Second, ARCT’s payment for illustrated fiction has gone up!  We now offer a flat three dollar a page payment.  Yes, we know that’s not a lot, but we want your work anyway and we’ll advertise it to people who may never come across your work otherwise.  Please consider ARCT a place for your comic/illustrated work.  The submission guidelines for such pieces can be be found within the submission section.

Lastly, submissions are always being read, so please be patient as the ARCT editors work towards reading them all.  We at ARCT like to provide feedback to our prospective authors, whether the piece is accepted or not, and this can take time.  Please feel free to send a query letter about any piece that has been held for longer than two months.

-From the desks of the ARCT Editors

Submissions etc.


The Editors of Arct would like to put out a general thank you for all the great submissions coming in, the first Issue should be awesome.

There have been questions by comic artists regarding how to properly submit illustrated fiction.  Feel free to email the Editors at arct.editor at with any questions, but be sure to read through the official submission guidelines first.  We want to see your work even if your unsure as to how to properly submit your comic work.